Discover an amazing world of fossils and research playing with Sandra Li, a young researcher following the steps of Miquel Crusafont.

The game allows us to find out about the life of the Catalan paleontologist against the backdrop of the commemorations of the centenary of his birth. It also functions as an approach to the discipline of paleontology by interpreting the past of life on Earth through fossils, so we can find out what species millions of years ago were like, and see how modern man’s predecessors actually lived.

Apart from Miquel Crusafont’s contributions to the field, other aspects seen in the game are the pre-historic species found in Catalonia (their characteristics, habitat and evolution), the theory of evolution, changes in biology and geology, techniques and scientific investigation methods, as well as the social and historic context of the time (1920-1970).
The game has been developed with the assessment of the Catalan Institute of Paleontology that bears Crusafont’s name in Sabadell.