Lluc, the protagonist of the game, travels in time with Yiru the robot. They come from the future, where all energy is from renewable sources, and they travel back in time to the discovery of the steam engine in the Industrial Revolution. There they will meet Ferran Alsina, a Catalan scientist, industrial technician and economist.

Through the game you will discover several aspects of the Industrial Revolution as well as the life of Ferran Alsina, and how the people of the period lived. You can find out what the transport was like, as well as the industry, energy sources and social changes that took place during the Industrial Revolution

Ferran Alsina (1861-1908) was trained in the textile industries in England and Germany, and he was also the director of the Vapor Vell and Güell Colony textile mills. He designed textile machinery and came to be a notable figure in Catalan politics. He was a great physics enthusiast and author, and opened an experimental physics laboratory - La Mentora Alsina - which can be currently found at the Catalonia Science and Technical Museum in Terrassa.